Because of the tight schedule between conferences and tutorials, we will not be running an on-site contest for decoding a synthetic signal. However, we believe that a year-long decoding activity shared amongst the participants to the conference would provide a fruitful session for next year's edition of the conference. One option would be to provide a synthetic signal to be played at all participating sites for attendants to share their decoding result in the forthcoming edition of the conference. Rather than generating synthetic signal, we believe there are so many un-decoded signals available that would deserve investigation that collaborating on decoding a well defined signal would provide a fruitful endeavour. One option to make sure that all participants have access to the same signal is to consider spaceborne signals: satellites orbit the whole Earth and their signals are available to all listeners. Please think of what signal you would consider worth decoding as a year-long challenge and we will discuss options during Monday evening dinner.

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