Organizing committee

Organizing and Program commitee

The members of the GNU Radio Days organizing committee are researchers, (associate) professors and engineers located in various laboratories and companies, aiming to share their experience of using daily the GNU Radio framework:
Hervé Boeglen (XLIM)
Julien Boibessot (Armadeus Systems)
Pierre-Yves Bourgeois (FEMTO-ST)
Leonardo Cardoso (INSA-Lyon CITI)
Emile Carry (FEMTO-ST)
Mathieu Cunche (INSA-Lyon CITI)
Jean-Michel Friedt (FEMTO-ST)
Gwenhael Goavec-Merou (FEMTO-ST)
Thomas Lavarenne (Lycée Blaise Cendrars)
Tanguy Risset (INSA-Lyon)
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